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Positive Feedback

We understand that it is often a very difficult decision choosing a secondary school for your child, particularly when considering a Special School.  However, almost without exception, our parents are overwhelmingly happy that they chose Pencalenick as the next step for their child.

Here are a few of the wonderful comments we have received this year from our Year 7 parents:

He was very shy and withdrawn in his previous setting and is now much more confident since joining Pencalenick.  This is amazing progress in a short period of time.

“We have seen a huge change since coming to Pencalenick.  The transformation is amazing”.

His confidence has improved greatly since coming to Pencalenick.  He now believes he can achieve. He is enjoying school for the first time.  I know this because he comes home happy and wants to talk about school now.

Very different to the experience in mainstream where he became violent and angry. Since coming to Pencalenick he is relaxed and much calmer and will interact with his family more.

The school have identified his barriers and have set him realistic targets.  It is nice to see some progress and that the school have a plan in place for him. I am very impressed with all the school are doing and he is very happy.

She is happy to get up and in to school each morning. She comes home happy and excited about the activities, particularly cooking

They have friends for the first time in their school life and have even been invited to a birthday party